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John Ruller has been directly involved in road crash investigation for the past 38 years. He has investigated many hundreds of fatal and serious injury road crashes.

In excess of 1000 hours of road crash investigation and reconstruction training have been undertaken, both in Australia and overseas. He is the first Australian collision analyst to receive full ACTAR accreditation (#213).

John has authored and co-authored a number of published papers on crash investigation and reconstruction.


  • Queensland Police Service, Accident Investigation Squad April 1983 to Sept 2005
  • Senior Collision Analyst 1995 to 2005
  • Served as the primary instructor in accident investigation for the QPS, 1993 to 2007
  • Advanced Accident Investigation Instructor 1993
  • Accident Reconstruction Instructor at Royal New Zealand Police College since 1995
  • Research involvement with School of Civil Engineering, Queensland University of Technology 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1998 in the field of vehicle emergency braking
  • Awarded tender to teach New Zealand Police Crash Investigators in various subjects of road crash investigation and reconstruction since 1999 to present.
  • Providing the only Australian accredited training courses in road crash investigation
  • Instructor in Computer Aided Drafting using MapScenes CAD program
  • Retired Sergeant

RAIS is dedicated to providing an accurate technical analysis of motor vehicle collisions, based on creditable data. The most modern techniques in accident reconstruction (Total Station Forensic Mapping, computer aided drafting, latest version of PC Crash and HVE 3D simulation software, RecTec, VC4000 performance computer) are utilised to document evidence and substantiate the case. Finally, a professional courtroom presentation can include simple to understand analysis of the collision and reconstruction process, colour scale drawings or real time animation or simulations.

RAIS now offers a new service. Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system allows the download of pre and post crash data from a vehicle’s airbag module (SDM) to a laptop computer. The data is presented in easy-to-read format. Such technology has been available for a number of years in the USA and Canada. As of this date, only selected vehicles in the Holden range of vehicles and all imported USA models can be downloaded. For a complete list of vehicles please contact our office.

RAIS has investigated or assisted in the investigation and reconstruction in excess of 2000 fatal and serious injury road crashes.

Expert Witness Appearances

John has testified over 25 years as an expert in Road Crash Investigation and Reconstruction in the Coroner’s Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts in the State of Queensland. He has also given evidence in New South Wales. John has also provided expert opinion in the High Court of Brunei and prepared expert reports for production in Singapore’s Courts.


1990 Founding member of Australasian and South Pacific Association of Collision Investigators (ASPACI)
1990 Granted membership, Canadian Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists
1991 Granted membership, Society of Accident Reconstructionists
1995 elected President of Australasian and South Pacific Association of Collision Investigators
1995 (March) Granted ACTAR accreditation #213
1995 Adjunct instructor for Texas A & M University in area of Basic, Advanced and Reconstruction Courses
1995 Conference organisor and co-author of two technical papers at AIRIL’95 Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia
1997 Conference organisor and co-author of two papers at AIRIL’97 Conference, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
1997 Invited speaker at the Crash’97 Conference, College Station, Texas
1998 Invited speaker at International Workshop of Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Tokyo, Japan
1999 Conference organisor and author of one paper at AIRIL’99 Conference, Pretoria, South Africa
2001 Conference organisor and author of one paper at AIRIL’01 Conference, Vancouver, Canada
2001 elected Vice-President of Australasian and South Pacific Association of Collision Investigators
2003 International Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Kansas City, USA, author one paper
2003 Instructor for MapScenes CAD software
2006 Conference organisor of ASPACI Conference in Brisbane Queensland, Australia
2006 Editor of Momentum, official magazine of Australasian and South Pacific Association of Collision Investigators
2006 Invited speaker seminar Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance, Brisbane Australia
2007-2008 Invited speaker at Reconstruction and Analysis of Road Crashes Conference, St Petersburg, Russia
Presented four courses in England on Pedestrian/Cycle Crashes
2011 Invited speaker seminar New Orleans Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Since 2005 an association exists between RAIS and McKinzie & Associates www.rsmck.com in the area of both forensic mapping and crash reconstruction. Should your needs extend across the Pacific, please contact us, we may be able to assist you.

For a full Curriculum Vita please contact our office.