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Road Accident Investigation Service Pty Ltd has been formed to provide members of the legal fraternity, insurance companies, loss assessors and the general public with a dedication to search out the factors involved in road crashes. RAIS has many years of “hands on” experience and expertise involving crash investigation and reconstruction.

  • Detailed motor vehicle collision analysis reports.
  • Crash scene photography, both still and video recording.
  • Detailed forensic mapping and plan drawing.
  • Mechanical condition reports compiled by experienced and qualified personnel.
  • Dynamic skid testing.
  • Tyre examinations by qualified experts.
  • Crash data retrieval using the latest software.
  • Prepare road crash simulation models using proven software PC Crash and HVE 3-D.
  • Australian accredited traffic crash investigation training programs delivered by accredited trainers.

Advice can be provided on contributing crash factors, including road geometric alignment and surface condition. Analysis includes the inspection and reporting of crashes involving pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles through to large articulated vehicles.

In an ideal driving environment there would be perfect drivers, vehicles, and roads. There would be no road crashes. Unfortunately, such conditions rarely exist and road crashes occur, resulting in death, personal injuries and loss through property damage.

Crash statistics show that approximately 1% of all traffic crashes are true accidents. The remaining 99% of all traffic crashes are ‘crashes’ which either involve human factors (90%), vehicle failure or mechanical failure (1%), and road geometry, environs and surface (8%). Identification of all factors which have led to the cause of a crash is vital if the degree of responsibility of those involved is to be accurately identified.

In today’s society allocation of degree of responsibility may involve many thousands of dollars. Proper identification, recording and interpretation of the physical evidence at the crash scene can assist in determining where, when, who, why and how the crash happened.